Move ThirdPerson camera when sprinting

Hey guys! I am using the third person template, and I was wondering how I could move the camera when the character is sprinting. If you have played the Arkham games, you would have noticed that the camera moves from the side of Batman to the traditional back following when sprinting or fighting. I could use some help on how I can actually do that in the character blueprint since matinee is not available inside that blueprint. I was also wondering how I could adjust FOV, add blur and other effects when sprinting aswell. Thanks in advance

This tutorial will lead you into the right direction: :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the reply. This video isn’t really what I’m looking for as I need it to actually move from the side of the character, to the back. If you know how I can actually achieve this, it would be extremely helpful. Secondly, is there a way I can manipulate post-process effects (motion blur, FOV, etc) upon moving the camera?

This is how it works (actually nearly the same as in the video, just with another node :))

Now when I press “1” it will move the camera to the right side and when I release it, it will go back to the middle