Move radial force relative to the master object


need some tip…

I have radial force parented to an object,
I want to move the radial force relative to the object, struggling to make it work,
please help!

There are nodes to set a Components relative position.

I cannot help you further without more info, Like: What IS happening



I have a class to which Radial Force component is attached… (and Editor Billboard)

So I just drag the class into the scene and it works …

Now I parent it to an object and it also works. I want to modify the class blueprint.

So far I did

(input 1) -> (Add Relative Location) with target linked to Radial Force - NO EFFECT. (delta location is non-zero)

WHat do I do wrong?

This works for me

So the “Radial Impulse” component does not move when you use “Add Relative Location” ?