Move on tap to specific marker (mobile) - help!

Ok, so I need your superior brains to help me out :slight_smile: I have a scene where the iPad or phone user will look around a room with finger swipes, then tap on the “station” or kiosk he wants to move to. What I’ve done in the past is line trace from the center of the camera view and then check for which object is being hit. What I’m stumbling on is getting it working with the finger tap anywhere on the screen. You can see my current blueprint for that part down below, based partly off a mobile movement marketplace asset I bought (but this is simplified a lot). It’s returning a hit of the object to the far left of the screen and even off the left side of the screen. As always any help is appreciated, the more detailed the better because I’m a dumb!
Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.15.57 PM (2).png