Move My Documents\Unreal Projects to other location

Hi you all,

I am have limited space in my C drive, where UE4 marketplace samples seem to download without any option to set folder. Is there any setting to change the default folder to other location?


Jan Herca

I can related as this drove me bonkers as I filled up my C drive testing even though I picked my D drive as the installation folder. It is a known issue we didn’t have time to address but it is certainly on the list to be fixed as you are not the only one running into it. I’m sorry we didn’t have time to address this before shipping.

I believe for new projects you can pick the location when creating the projects.

Thanks for you fast answer. I’ll try to clean my drive as much as possible to make room for samples.

Yes, user projects don’t have the issue, they have the location picker.

This is a huge issue for me as well, SSDs isn’t meant for storage.

Had the same issue. What I did, is - download the project to the default C: drive location, then I moved it to another drive. After that, it automatically remapped it to the new location. If it doesn’t do it automatically, you can probably use the “Browse” button at the bottom left corner. Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot brick.

You can simply move whole entire document forder to diffrent drive

After you done this you need to restart Laucher in order to him to accept new location

Daniel, thanks for the update. Just wanted to chip in saying it will be great to get this fixed. I look forward to being able to specify a location for the marketplace content.

To add to the details, I actually symlink my user folder from c:\ to a larger drive to keep my SSD clear, most apps correctly detect the free size on the target drive, but UE4 returns the free space on the source instead, so you may want to look at that too. And of course just to taunt me I am only 80MB insufficient to download the content examples. I’ll have to do some cleaning later.

Hey everyone - we’ve addressed this in an update undergoing final testing right now and expect it to be made available next week (barring any last minute issues). We’ll have more detail to share shortly, thanks!