Move left clicked actor to right clicked location

I’m Trying to set up a system to left click an object/actor/static mesh and make it move to the location that the player right clicks, this is all in 3rd person, ive been trying to use LineTraceToObject but i keep having issues where either it wont pick up on the object or it will just fly across the room and dissapear. This is supposed to functions like a point to point telekinesis for the player where they select an object and shoot it to the location they choose.

You’ve setup the trace wrong. It’s meant to have a start point and then a direction to an end point:
If you’re in 3rd person and using the mouse, you might be better off using:


More info:

Here, this does it:


thanks i trew that together and it move things thats for sure

but the problem is that if i miss and accidentally hit any of the world mesh ie floor or wall they get a bit screwy, the object im trying to mess with is a small spear mesh so its kinda hard to make sure you only hit that