Move head/mouse/rift in matinee mode?

Hi im making a game for both the oculus rift and normal mouse controle.

I need to make a sequence where the player is forsed to go a direction without pressing any buttons, but need to be able to look around while doing it?

Is there any other way than matinee? Or is there any way to enable mouse controle in a matinee sequence?


How did he for example do this:

Wrong forum: VR Development.

Speaking of which, on said forum is this post: Enable Oculus Rift look during matinee sequence.

And you should wait at least a day or two before you think about bumping your post :slight_smile:

Kris, i know but it’s not only for vr, also just mouse and keyboard. I have seen that thread, the problem is the quality of the picture in the thread is so low i cant read it :slight_smile:

Ahh, gotcha.

Might have a go at this myself and add it to wiki page afterwards.
A few people have asked about it.

Would be really nice :slight_smile: