Move an actor along a list of points

Hello, I have a hex grid with working pathfinding. It provides an array of hex IDs (Integer) that I use to get the world locations of each hex in the path. I want to move an actor along this path from hex to hex until it reaches the destination. I am able to get it to move, but it skips all the hexes in between the start and the destination and instead just makes a straight beeline to the target.

The first image is an example of what its doing - moving directly to the target, through the trees, skipping the green path.

Image Two is the move event. It moves the actor to the target location.

Image Three is my function that is supposed to loop through all the hexes in the path array and send it to each. It acknowledges each correct hex in the path (tested with a Print String listing vectors), but as far as actually moving the sphere… it just goes straight to the last hex in the list.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Printing out the Path IDs shows that the path nodes are correct and match the green hexes in Image #1.
I am just failing to get the Timeline to execute once per array item. Instead, it just moves from directly to the final location in the array.

Ive tried a few variations of this loop as pictured below. This one currently gives me an infinite loop but i’ll be damned if i see why it’s infinite. Ive been staring at this for hours now and everything’s blurry, lol.