Movable mesh falls through the floor

hello all, and happy new year!, im new with this engine and i have a problem with physics!!, the movable meshes just go over the floor!!!, and cant fint a tutorial for this, look the screens please and thanks for answers!. :slight_smile:

SCREEN: “https://www.dropbox/s/iwziqkl8lry83mj/Question.png?dl=0

Go into the properties of the mesh (double click onto the mesh in the content browser) - search for collision - set the collision complexity to “Default”. Now add a collision to your mesh -> Collision - Add Box/Capsule… :slight_smile:

Weird thread title :confused:

@OP: Should I (or any other mods) change the title?

I agree. It should be “Sir Isaac Newton” :rolleyes:

thanks all!, finally its works, sorry for noob questions, im new using this engine, so expect more noob questions!, peace!. :smiley:

No problem, we are always here to answer your questions :slight_smile: