Movable directional light works 'incorrect' on android device

When using movable directional light, I got a PC ES2 preview in editor which works fine as bellow:

WHen I packaged it and download to my phone(adren 330 with android 4.4), it looks as below:
you can see in the red cycle, the dynamic light did not affect the surface, showing no light nor shadows. The interesting thing is that, when I move the camera closer, the red area(where light doesn’t reach) become smaller, when I move the camera further away from the ground, the red area become larger. It seems there is a parameter about the distance calculated from the camera’s postion to the world object’s position, which is used to decide whether dynamic light taking effect. Any Object further will have no light.
Maybe I missed some configuation about the light, or maybe It is a bug on device. I want the light cover my whole scene, any one could help?