MouseLook Camera

I have been working with a third person template and im wondering Is it possible to do a mouse look camera in blueprint?. If you dont know what that is its where the camera follows your mouse. And when your get to a certain point your charatcer turns but the camera always stays behind the character.

Did you watch the Third Person tutorials on you tube? It’s right there if I understand your question.

That setup is what you get with the Template. It rotates around the Character with the character being the centerpoint. What im trying to do is make it so it stays behind the player and moves with him. Like how the camera would act if you were playing a fps but in third person.

Lol sorry for double posting but. Right after i posted the last post i went back to work. And i found out how to do this!. I added “Set Use Controllers Rotation Yaw” and connected it to the turn Axis event and set it to true.