Mouse Pointer woes Main and Pause menus need it but not the game mode

I’ve been trying for two days to get the mouse pointer to show up when I want it to and go away when I don’t.
I have a custom controller called XadeController. It’s in the player contoller slot on both the main menu level and the third person example map, which is where I am testing the UI stuff before building things. I have the health, magic and other systems in place but I just cvant seem to get the menus in place. I also need to get this to work for the magic menu, so I really need to figure this out. Here are snapshots of the relevant sections. In order they are MainMenuBP.png (72.8 KB) PauseMenuReturnToGameButton.png (134.7 KB) 3rdPersonCharacterPauseA.png (126.1 KB) 3rdPersonCharacterPauseB.png (60.2 KB) I had to chop that one up but I made sure it was understandable by duplicating the one inside the snapshot. As you can see I like to comment things so I can find them later on. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I currently have show mouse cursor on. Edit, let me get links.

I replied to break it up and for anyone who searches
I think I might have gotten it. I cast to my custom controller, got the player controller object, and set show mouse cursor. I also set to true on the event construct. I have to click on the screen to get it to return to game ui but it’s fine, I can include a warning in the tutorial level [Mouse Control Snap](

&stc=1&d=1488324320) To undo just duplicate and put in the “return to game button” and uncheck show mouse cursor.

Is there any way to automatically hide the mouse cursor or must I tell the player to click?

Don’t mean to necrobump this but did you ever figure out this part? I’m developing a pause menu right now and am having this issue.