Mouse Orbit and Zoom BluePrint

Anybody know now to create a zoom / mouse orbit around a mesh object? I want to recreate a 3D mesh that I can rotate 360 around with the mouse and then zoom in with the middle mouse button. It’s for a product demonstration.

Start examining the 3rd person template. From that try to implement the zoom functions through blueprints. As far as I remember there are already some threads in the forum regarding this topic -> try a search.

I have noticed a zoom option blue print in the forum. Anybody has a blue print example I can look at for references for the mouse rotation for 3d mesh?

The rotation is already present in the 3rd person example (check the nodes commented as “Mouse input” in the MyCharacter blueprint).

And adding a zoom function to the 3rd person template is extremely easy, all you have to do is change the TargetArmLength when using the mouse scroll wheel.


Thanks. I haven’t looked at the 3rd person example…which I should have done in first place. I setup the zoom function with your blueprint and it work great! Thanks for the info!