Mouse input bugged after converting project from 4.10.4 to 4.11.2


as the title sugests I began my project in 4.10.4 and everything worked but now, after I have converted it, the input events only firing if I click twice in a fast way otherwise the events won’t even fire (checked by debugging the blueprint). If I open a new project in this version, the input works and if I open my original version of the project in 4.10.4 it works again. I also tried to delete the input actions, compile and recreating them but to no avail - still it doesn’t work…

Can anyone help me? Has someone had this problem?

I’ve made a lot of changes to my project since then as it was and still is in early prototype stage. But I believe I ran into this problem while hooking up some duct-tape “debug this” code. Not sure what input I was using but I definitely remember having to switch it over to the ‘H’ key as it was only firing after several left clicks (?) ; The debug info I needed was the XY mouse coordinates. This was on 4.11.2 I think. May have been 4.11.1

Mouse input is inconsistent from 4.10.4 conversion vs 4.11.2 fresh project. Probably part of the bug that is not fixed yet.

The error just went away… Now it works and I have done nothing.

I also have input problems.

They were partially fixed in the update. For mouse click, Setting UI Mode and Game Mode from the PlayerController only seemed to be some main issues.

I do not have gamepad input on a UMG that is launched from the PlayerController while in Level, such as a PauseMenu. The input is being captured deep in SlateSomwhere and isn’t available at the EventGraph or OnKeyDown level.