Mouse Events don't work for one of the meshes

Hello, I have a weird issue with one of my BP.

This BP contains a single animated 3d object (Skeletal Mesh Actor) that I use twice in my scene: first, in cinematic via sequencer and then as interactive object that moves along the spline on the level.

For some reason all the mouse events don’t work when this object appears on the level, but they do work with a cinematic (where I don’t need any interaction -_-). Mouse events also work with every other object on the level, so the reason is definitely not in Player Controller or something like that.

I will be very grateful to read your suggestions on how to fix it) Thank you!

UPD: still have no idea why my 3d object doesn’t deal with mouse events, but made it work by creating a new BP with same logic but containing a sphere that is hidden in game. It surrounds my 3d object and reacts on mouse events.