Mouse Events dont detect skeletal meshes?

Lets see, I have made many tests already but cant find a solution.

I have my character, he is composed of many pieces (trousers, hair, shirt…) -modular character- and they are joined together using Master Pose Component, easiest and fastest way for animating all them together.
I want to activate Event OnClicked or Begin Cursor Over the shirt for example and interact with it.

First of all, my gamemode has all mouse events enabled, and they work fine on static meshes and triggers I have in my scene.
I have my collision settings of the shirt configurated like this :

After many other tests, I found out, -but Im not really sure- that the problem is the Master Pose Component and all of the childs dont allow mouse events. So, I ended up trying to fix something I dont really know how to.

Any ideas on how to select with the mouse and interact with these skeletal meshes? Any other node, configuration, anything?

Thank you in advance!