Mouse Drag attack system

How would I go about creating a mouse drag attacking system, like the one found in lineage eternal. I’ve linked a video that shows the function I’m talking about

Any particular point where the system is apparent? The trailer is 10+ minutes long.

You can see it at 5:50, 7:20, and 8:15


I’d have to experiment to figure out exactly how to recognize mouse input like that for the sword attacks but I can offer some advice for the magic attacks.

When the player clicks with the magic attack selected (or however that’s done), you can use screen to world point using the mouse position. After an initial short delay, spawn a BP at that location that contains the particles and hitboxes for the fire effect and damage or the static meshes, particles, and blocking colliders for the ice. Keep delaying/spawning down the line until the mouse input is let go.