Mouse does not display on menu

Just started working on a menu after watching some tutorials and I got something basic working.

The only problem is it seems as if the mouse is behind the image use for the menu.

Not sure if this the correct way of doing it but I had done the following:
-Copied Thirdperson Mode Blueprint to make a Thirdperson Menu Mode
-Created Main Menu HUD class and widget
-Under world settings I chose the new HUD class and everything else is default for the Thirdperson Game Mode
-My Start Game button is set to load a level and my Quit button does as it should.

Hopefully this video can help show what is happening:

go to the level blueprint of your menu and make this: get controller -> cast to your controller -> show mouse = true (or maybe it was show cursor)

Not finding anything about show mouse

Thats odd… What happens when you play in a new window or in Editor?

Well it looks as if moving my mouse is moving the camera in the game and I think I can move my character so I wonder if its something with that.

Wha MajekPL said was to make this into your Level Blueprint:


Okay so I think that worked but I think now I just need to figure out how to hide the menu after you click start lol (start button currently just has startgame and then open level)

Get your widget reference and use this node:

Before you call OpenLevel destroy the menu using RemoveFromParent.

Got it working, thanks guys!

Congratulations! :slight_smile: