Mouse Cursor Bug

Hello! I am making a point & click game with the top down template. So my left mouse button is used for everything : moving, picking up objects, speaking…
The thing is ; whenever I trigger a widget (my inventory or the dialog) and then close it, my character then refuses to move unless I double click (or event triple) instead of just clicking once (as if my left mouse button was called somewhere else but I don’t think it is?).
I have no idea what could be causing this, but if I ‘set show mouse cursor’ to false after I close my widgets, this doesn’t happen somehow, and I can click normally through my game.
The thing is, I need my mouse cursor to show the player how they can interact with the different objects in the world.
Any idea on what could be the cause of this? I don’t know how the fact that my mouse is visible or not could change anything?

When you close your widget you may need to recapture or reactivate your mouse, I think you do it from the player controller node. I don’t have access to unreal to check or test it out right now but when I do I’ll re-post if you still haven’t solved it.