Mouse click movement Replication

Hello guys im tired already i spend 10hours of seraching and trying to find a solution, but unfortuantly i came up with nothing… please i need help.
all i want to create is Mouse click movement in multiplayer, i’v already set character selection for ex. i select Green and i can move him and it works well if i select red i can move him also and client sees everything works perfectly. but the serious problem comes in multiplayer. Only host can move peoples client can’t, Client can make selection between them but when he click to move they didn’t react. IDK what im doing wrong theres no solution for this anywere else on the internet.
i will provide pictures from what i’v done so far, but i’m sure that this way isn’t correct because simply didn’t work at all.
so please if you know or can give me any hint will be great. Thanks Cheers