Mount several .pak files and read assets from them

Hello Guys,
I’m mounting my .pak files with this command and everything is fine when i only mount one file, but problem appears when i try to load .pak files from an array and by order of array index, for example three .pak files, and then i only have access to files from last .pak files!
And if one of my files has a references to another file in the first mounted .pak file , i can’t find that file…

For example i’ve a particle with materials in my second .pak file but textures are in first .pak files , in this case the materials can’t find textures !
DLC_1.pak file address is first string in array and include textures so order is 0.
DLC_2.pak file address is second string in array and include particles and materials and order is 1.

IPlatformFile& InnerPlatformFile = FPlatformFileManager::Get().GetPlatformFile();
FPakPlatformFile* PakPlatformFile = new FPakPlatformFile();

PakPlatformFile->Initialize(&InnerPlatformFile, *File);

bool Result;
Result = PakPlatformFile->Mount(*File, NewOrder, *FPaths::GameContentDir());

return Result;

Hi …
Please … Can you please put you complete code? We have same issue and not sure how to load and mount .pak file from server.