Motorcycle Rigging Help! (Wheeled Vehicle Class/Physics)

Hi! I have been attempting to rig a motorcycle for UE4 for the past week and for the life of me can’t do it successfully. When I bring the skeletal mesh into UE4 and take it into the physics asset, when I simulate with the re-generated bodies, the body falls off and is not attached to the wheels. I have tried kinematics on the wheels but that then just ignores the wheel collisions and I cannot drive. Please help!

So here is my rig in C4D. Everything is to one polygon with the correct binding. When I select the different bones they rotate how they should rotate and are set in the correct rotation position.

Here is me simulating the physics in the editor, the body acts as if it is not attached. I must have rigged it wrong somewhere but I can’t find any examples on the internet!

Hi! Did you ever get this figured out? I was able to get the physics to work but after adding the skeletal mesh to a vehicle blueprint the bike wheels will not turn and the wheels fall through the ground :frowning:

Im facing similar problems. By setting the pxvis collision console command I can see that my physic wheel objets are rotate 90 degrees so that the lay on their caps. The visual mesh however is rotated correctly. Any idea why the physics objects have a different rotation that he wheel mesh’s? The bones were created on import based on the hierarchy.