Motion Builder - Animation and Rigging Tools Need some questions answered

Okay, So I want to learn how to use this in Maya to give my characters access to the animations on the marketplace. I have a few questions about the process of rigging the character.

First is it possible to use with with the low poly mesh of the character you want to rig instead of a placement mesh?

If it is not possible, how do I apply this rig to the final mesh of my character? Could I just import the unrigged model into UE4 and use the skeletal of the placement rig for him?

My last question is more for Animating In Maya and Motion Builder

I love animating in Motion Builder because it’s simple, but bringing over to UE4 seems to not work. What’s the workflow for Motion Builder to UE4? Its so much easier to get realistic animations there than Maya where you’d have to key every aspect of the body’s motion.