Morph Targets from Blender to UE4 (Rigged Character)

Hello everyone. I have a small problem here.

I have my character in Blender all set up:

As you can see, he has a bundle of morph targets (Or shape keys as they are called in blender).

Problem is, is when I import it into unreal 4…

No morph targets!

I made sure the ‘import morph targets’ box is ticked as well…

What is the problem here? Lookin at the options list for the FBX export, there isn’t any sort of ‘export morph targets’, so I assume it just exports it automatically.

I would really appreciate the help if anyone knows how to get morph targets from Blender to UE4 working!

Try FBX 7.4 not ASCII

Same thing. No morph targets!

I did it properly with Blender 2.68 - maybe try that for testing purposes.