Morph target update rate when keep on a fixed position


I have this particular situation and i want to be sure i understand what is happening under the hood correctly, it is important for our particular implementation.

The situation is this one:

a.- I exported some assets to Unreal with their respective morph targets.
b.- We use those morph targets to create versions of said assets where the scale in a given direction changes(*), those scales are set ingame and are highly dependent of a float argument which is determined also in game. That is, it isn’t the best solution to import different versions of the same asset with different sizes because there is no way we achieve our gameplay goal that way.
c.- I set up a simple BP to update the morph target given the float parameter, that morph target will stay the same after being defined. For example: a particular morph target changes our asset scale in the x direction. Once is defined (again, in game), the obstacle will remain the same during the rest of the game session.

My question is: once set up does Unreal Engine evaluates the morph target each frame or it evaluates it once and keeps the final position throughout the entire game session?

Hope i make myself clear.


(*) The reason we can’t just scale is we lose the assets proportions, so we create a morph target that does keep the proportion.