More-than-5-way material blending


The game I am creating dynamically generates a sphere, which basically is Earth.
So naturally I want to visualize its terrain, i.e. water, mountains, grassland, farmland, forest, savanna, tundra, snow, desert etc. , based on the vertex colour of the mesh. Basically all these should blend with each other, that’s where the trouble starts. I have no issues creating the sphere with such many materials without blending, or with maximum five materials which blend.
I could imagine to use two colour channels as ‘IDs’ for materials to be blended via the alpha channel, but this sounds like a terrible amount of work.
I neither am an expert for materials nor am I able to get any help with googling this issue, so I am now asking here if anyone has an idea on how to achieve this.

Thanks for your help!

tmarder, on there is a 14hr long lesson on landscapes… he goes over this blending that you want it’s really dept.

Thanks for your reply. As far as I understand, those layers are specific to landscapes. I am using a static mesh, and I do not see how I could use a landscape for my purposes (especially using nanite).