More support for creating rigs outside of A.R.T?


I’m looking for so more info on the do’s & don’t for getting rigs into UE4 and read correctly rather than using A.R.T. (I find it quite limited & buggy at the minute)

Through trial and error I have found out bits about UE’s preferences for example UE doesn’t like ‘Groups’ but can sort of handle locators (a group is actually locator just without the visual representation of one, Unreal why, please why?)

So if anyone has any suggestions of where to find some more documentation for parenting, IK/FK matching and baking it would be really appreciated.


you can bake the animation so you can do whatever you need to to rig the bones, it just won’t support special vertex weighting, like if you’ve got some tool to improve deformations for joints it won’t move over since it can only export the vertex weights.

It’s basically the same as it would be for animation if you’re using your own animations. If you want to use the Epic assets (animations, guns, etc.) then I would suggest exporting the character from the Animation Starter Pack and using that as a template and then recycling the skeleton (model your character around the Epic character, delete the EPic character’s polygons then skin your character to the remaining skeleton). That works for me and I use Blender.