More control over local ambient lighting when fully dynamic?


I was curious if there is more ways to control the ambient point of a given scene when using a realtime lighting setup with no baking. Right now AFAIK all ambient is driven by the skylight, and potentially another cubemap if defined within the post process volume (but is applied to everything when within that volume).

Other engines use static or interval updated environment probes which capture cubemaps of the scene and project them back onto the environment, or local ambient lights to fake occlusion / secondary bounce.

Right now the standard reflection capture actors seem to do a decent job getting the reflections and specular to look right for a given area, but this doesn’t drive diffuse illumination at all. I did find a few threads which mentioned this feature formerly existing, but it seems to no longer work or even exist:

Whats the best way for local ambient control within fully dynamic, non-baked levels?