More and more UE4 for everyone and now

Dear developers and community headliners Unreal Engine 4!

I usually do not ask questions on the forums couse reading is enough for me, but now I think I should speak! It has become a necessity.

I apologize for my international google-english. Also, I apologize for any repetitions in thoughts when accentuating problems.

Think please where will the unrestrained extrapolation of additional capabilities and features of the Unreal Engine 4!

4.9 already has more than 15GB. 15GB which is probably very necessary, but what it is, few people imagined.

Increasing the amount of rare and little used by the bulk of the indie developers features, you push them away from the use of your wonderful product.
The main engine is in a number of key qualities, conveniences that in using by most people to get a stable result, bit not endless sea of embedded options, which enjoys a long-standing supporters and coders of the elite.
We would like to see more deep resurfacing is often one used.

Many people still a long pass to windows 10, and will use windows 7 64bit, and many still use and 7 32bit becouse number wonderful programs to work with composing music and production video do not work on 64bit and under them have to keep another computer. And more, many people still continue to use XP. And only when the great mass will move to windows 10, those who had XP move to windows 7 64bit.

Now the average computer is 3GHz CPU (and any processor cores) and 8GB RAM (16GB is very rare still). Pay attention please to the requirements for the UDK(UE3). They are just beginning to meet the average power level average computer.

And so it is now an indie developer, and small studio can enjoy the comfortable work in this great environment(UDK), and quickly and inexpensively give a very satisfactory quality products. What is the way many do now, in our days.

Namely for example. Looking through the demo videos, the last time students made on the UDK and UE4, we do not see a big difference in overall quality of the video , but can see the difference in individual imagination, in individual approach and the level of 3D implementation and in the individual implementation of qualitative physics and qualitative animation.

Thus it is clear that the possibility of UE3, namely the fact that there is now widely available through UDK is totally enough, sometimes more than enough for the realization of most of today’s ideas. Is that the UDK requires deeper and more specific knowledge than UE4.

But trying UE4 we know how far he had gone in the prototyping and development comfort thanks to the new Blueprints and new more flexible structure.

With these awesome features UE4 many novice developers and want to use, but within the capabilities of functional UDK for example.
They do not need any more.
They embody the important thing is the basis of their ideas at an acceptable level of graphics with a limited number of features.
And it already is now.
Doesn’t matter. none of the novice or an indie developer adhering enough primitivist (for the 21st century) style does not get into the wilds of “candy-box beauty and very special” effects.
If they would need it effects will be added in post production in other more simple package by methods simpler than deep programming means.

UE4 definitely become a leader in the gamedeveloping arena of applying a bunch of Blueprints & C ++ (plus the possibility of further work with Lua and CSharp).
But if you do not stop the infinite complication of the product, you will scare away a huge mass of other products.
It is necessary to draw a line, even temporarily traits now it is too late.
It is necessary to issue a landmark product of a certain level of complexity to enable the masses to master its use.
Do not forget that many more who like technology and structural features UE4 still choose other products because of the need to press the button UE4 “BUILD anything of it just now or finally already BUILD all.”
If it was not explicitly UE4 would be out of competition.

Here on this need to work closely to promote the engine and thus to enhance cash flow from real estate developers who have earned their first 10,000 greens.
It should be something like UDK4 of special light stable simple version of UE4.
You can move the bar for the minimum to 1000 and to reduce the royalty and so in the redistribution to the next strap let 25,000 … and so on. As flexible as Blueprints.
Of course training and free use of the engine as long as you do not make money on it is that that is necessary in our time, it is like f2p. Well, you know what I mean.
“I’ll pay I’ll earn” - it’s great. But it is necessary to work on the button “and again build and now build again, because it is not clear may be because of this you do not work…a may not be because of this.”
It is understandable why it is this button there. But it must be even less intrusive and less on people walking.

Yes we need so much something like UDK4 - UE4 for indie developers and small studios.
In the end, if you want will be it named UE4 for idiots and beginners. They are also willing and able to make money. And to pay dividends to you.
We would like to see it as a flexible UE4, how fast UE4, with limited completed a handful of diversified content, with limited features, with a slight build of reliable security projects.
This dream of half the planet and the earth waits for it by EPIC GAMES and headliners community.
For this they are willing to endure even the button “build, as well build”…

Infinitely volume complicating UE4 ceases to be a product for indie and small studios, even though an acceptable agreement on royalties.

Indy choose fattened Unity 5, as there is no button “build forever all”, as there are excellent transparency modular structure of objects and components, C #, not the 15 GB, laid now great graphics potential, and of course because Unity 5 allows you to instantly without championing the head assembly to make build for almost any platform to immediately (this is the just game but not the dissertation) to use the result for the test.
Even though it is now much more the brakes than UE4 for the same hardware.

And more many who have worked in the UDK, leave it and choose Cry, “because it has graphics” and again because they have yet to UDK button “build build build & build again” stood in the their throat transversely. They do not want undignified U 5 and are willing to put up with Cry eternal half-baked , Cry eternal understatement, Cry timeless reticence for its democratic demand for hardware and real lack of brakes in use.

But we, us, impressed new lovely UE4. And we really want Blueprints and C ++ (plus Lua and C#), a new more comprehensive content and structure of the engine.
So please department, separate it from the main current state of the arms race and let us have developed so that there is. And you can develop the engine in parallel to infinity, but rather a qualitative leap to the next.
But since it will not be soon, many people now want to be creative with today’s tools and not to participate in the infinite capacity expansion and volume. Or make them much more modular plug.
Especially funny to do 2D & 2.5D on “the 15GB”.

Yes, and it is clear that the source is great and you can rebuild it a lot of different ways. But you know as well as I, that only a few can do it well and in a reasonable time!

So we need two possible versions - for the majority of indie, and for the rest - the most advanced users including corporate.

Thank you for your long attention and right understanding.
Do not laugh.
Understand the main idea. Think about it.
I was not just writing this long puttee.
With great respect to all.

Good luck.
Yours one-eyed Colonel