Moon with SkyAtmosphere?

Hi, I’m trying to make a realistic moon effect using the SkyAtmosphere, and while it looks ok during the day, it won’t get illuminated properly at night, it’s still affected by the atmospheric effects.

another weird thing is that no matter how far the moon is from the origin, if I move it below the horizon it will always look like it’s within the atmosphere. my SkyAtmosphere ground radius is 6360 and the moon is 384411500544.0 units away from it, but still looks like it’s inside the atmosphere for some reason.

is it weird like this or can I get better results?

Probably because you are using an actual mesh for it.

Instead of doing that you need to set up a material to handle it. You can still watch the “from ants to outerspace” video for tips on this.

Additionally, if you just use an object you can never get proper lighting on it.
the engine is geocentric by nature, so you can’t expect to have the moon light correctly.