Moon in Skysphere Material

Referencing Kleiner Baer’s tutorial on adding a moon in your scene, I’m wondering if there’s a way to assign a texture to the dot/sphere-mask combo that makes the light source appear as a ball of light in the material. I’ve tried masking a moon texture over the moon dot, but it wraps the texture around the whole sky sphere, so it looks kinda like dragging a slide of moon craters and junk over a small light source, as opposed to having the texture, “wrap,” or otherwise clamp to the dot as it moves around the sky.

Any ideas?

So what I’m trying to do to make this happen is to move the texture in the same direction and at the same pace as the dot in the sky is moving, and to do so I’m referencing a vector parameter in my skybox material that is to be edited based on the light-source’s (and the sphere mask’s) location. However, I’m not sure how to structure this to make it happen.

Still haven’t really been able to find how to do this. To be clear, I need to pan the texture in the same direction, at the same pace as my moon light source. I’ve got a panner node plugged into the texture object that’s being multiplied by the sphere mask (so that it only appears in that white spot in the sky, which moves based on the directional light in my level that’s assigned to it) and plugged into the panner, I’ve tried a vector parameter as well as a scalar parameter that are set by the skysphere blueprint, and those values are recieved and set in there by the directional light’s rotation in the worldspace. But neither of these approaches have worked.

Nevermind, I figured it out, I placed a textured moon mesh at the same spot as my directional light actor, after attaching it to a springarm set to a crazy huge length. Here’s a video.

Is that moon part of the skysphere material then? Or only the “light” then you just put an actual sphere with a texture on it wwwaaay up into the sky and mapped it to the same direction as the moon light?

Even though this post is a bit old, i think someone will find this useful. This tutorial explains how to add moon to skysphere with a texture.