Moon for Day Night Cycle

Hello everyone!

I am somewhat new to content creation for Unreal and I was wondering how to create a light source moon mesh or something that would fade into the sky when it becomes night time. I tried making a sphere and adding a moon texture to it, but the texture doesn’t fill the sphere. I was wondering if there was an easy way to do this without going into a modeling program or something.


If you have a look at the project linked below in my signature (download included), I have added a moon mesh to a custom skydome I am working on.

The basic idea came from Hourences Solus project. I added a box mesh in the center of the skydome, then added in the moon mesh as a child component of the box, and then set it’s distance to be almost as far as out the edge of the skydome. This way all I have to do is rotate the box and the moon will follow along in its own ‘orbit’ out at a distance. I made sure the box does not get rendered, then in the blueprint I set the box rotation to be -180 degrees of the current sun rotation, this can be modified as sometimes the moon is visible before sunset, but I will add in that part later on. Then added an axis rotation to adjust where it rises/lowers on the horizon.

You are welcome to use the moon mesh it has been UV mapped so that the texture can be applied easily, and a material is included, however it needs some more work it was just quickly thrown together. Using the sphere that is built into UE4 will not work as expected due to the way it creates automatic UV’s. Hope that helps!

That’s awesome! It’s exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!