Montage to Blendspace issue

I have a locomotion Blendspace (Idle/Walk/Run) driven by direction and speed.
For a smoother animation behavior, I have these settings (see picture):

  • Speed “Interpolation Time” = 0.25
  • “Target Weight Interpolation Speed Per Sec” = 3.0
    So when my character is running at full speed and stops, it takes a moment before going to Idle animation.

When you trigger a Montage, the animation blends from the Anim Graph to the Montage for the duration of the Montage “Blend in Time”.
During that blend the Anim Graph is still ticked and your blendspace is updated.
As soon as your Montage weight is 100%, the Anim Graph is not ticked anymore.
When coming out of the montage, as soon as the Anim Graph weight is above 0%, it is ticked again and your blendspace is updated, resuming from where it was.

So here’s my issue:
My character is running at full speed and trigger a montage that has a very short “Blend in Time”. When the montage weight reaches 100%, my Anim Graph stop being ticked and my blendspace state consider still being (or very close to) Running at full speed.
During the Montage my character performs a specific action (vault over an obstacle) that leaves him in an Idle stance if the player doesn’t press forward (speed = 0).
But as the Montage ends, it blends out to my Blendspace that is still in a Running stance (because of my settings for smoother animations), creating a visual glitch : the character goes from Idle -> start moving -> back to Idle.

Is there anyway to reset the Blendspace state when coming back into the Anim Graph? (forcing it to start from default stance, i.e. Idle)
Or do you know of a better way to implement a smooth Blendspace behavior without using those parameters?

I’ve search Documentation and Forums for answers, but I’ve found nothing so far.
Any help would be welcome…