montage doesn't play


I’m doing my multiplayer FPS in blueprint, and all works great except the animations.

i have a blueprint called BaseWeapon_BP which can handle Fire and Reload action. I also have the military weapon pack, it include animation and fx for the itself. The animations are animations sequence so i convert them in anim montage.
Here the set up to trigger animation but nothing happens (even in singleplayer). I don’t want this animation to be replicated cause its for a first person view.

The fire action (mouse click) is located in myCharacter blueprint and call the fire event from BaseWeapon_BP.

FP Weapon SMVisual is a skeletal mesh.

Any help would be appreciated!

Have you set up the montage in the Anim Graph in the animation blueprint?
Like so…
if you watch the UE4 Video on setting up the montages you see the developer do it.
Had the same issue today :slight_smile: