Monster editor How would you go about creating that for UDK

Mostly used for level layouts map content, and adding and changing content on the fly more dynamically
I know its properly a extremely Huge task but i would like to know what angle i should look at it.

Anyone got some useful Ideas.

What exactly should it be abel to do, because with the UE4 you can nearly do everything (as long as you have C++ skills)? + do you mean UDK or the UE4? :slight_smile:

UE4 The real unreal engine. I don’t have any C++ ( ,mabyskills But i have alot of friends at work that comes from that environment. I work as a Art-director for a ad firm i have a background in in fine Arts, Graphic design.

I Mostly work with 2d and interactive media. For the past two years ive been learning the 3d-pipeline from a high ress model, Retopo animation, then exported out to a engine “have some Unity experience” I know the basic things.

But i don’t fully understand how this editor would be implemented within UE4. i need to know how i should start thinking about this. I need to understand how it will work before i bring in technical help basically.

Would the “Moster editor” work within UE4 or would it be a seperate application.
basically i want to create a tool that populates the game without touching UE4 itself lets see it as a “admin tool” for a game? :slight_smile:

You can surely integrate/recreate something like that into the UE4 -> you will need C++ skills. But I think it will be easier to use it as a separate application + just place the things manually :wink: