Mono for UE4 Plugin on 4.5

I recently got hold of the Mono plugin from Xamarin but noticed that it’s built for UE 4.4 and we are on 4.5 with our project. Downgrading is not an option for us.

There are a set of patches that Xamarin provides with the plugin that are for the Engines sources, these patches are built for 4.4. And, after a few emails I was told: 4.5 support will not be here any time soon.

I’m going to try to apply these patches manually to 4.5 but thought I’d ask if anyone has gotten to doing this already. Or if you can help me out that would be great!

I can share the 4.5 patches afterwards. Granted it all works.

I just downloaded the plugin but did not have time to build yet…

I will be glad to help but would need some guidance on how to actually patch, to 4.5… is it a matter of changing the Cs wrapper or more complex than that ?

maybe some parts of this project might help GitHub - enlight/klawr: A set of Unreal Engine 4 plugins that enable the use of C# (and other CLI languages) in game projects targeting the Windows platform.

No, nothing to do with Mono or wrappers. There are a bunch of patches that must be applied to UE4 source files for the plugin to work properly but they are all based off 4.4. I just applied them to 4.5 and I get a number of build errors that I don’t know how to fix.


Fixed all the compile errors but now I’m stuck on a few linker errors:

I did add GameProjectGeneration module in the build.cs file.

Anyone know how to fix this?