Monitor is causing low FPS

Not sure if this was discussed before.
I worked on one really interesting Oculus project and it was built and played on high end PC.
Whatever I did, I couldn’t get anything close to 75 FPS which is rate that is max for Oculus on UE4. All of the optimization didn’t helped and it was 35 FPS all the time.
Though, when we switched the monitor and plugged the computer to the really huge TV we got stable 75 FPS without any drops.

Like I said, I am not sure if this was discussed but something related to monitor refresh rate could be causing all of your low frames problem. I suggest all of you guys that have problems on good PCs to give it a go, and play with some of the monitor options.
I hope someone will find this helpful.


Can you give us some specs for your new monitor? Do you think performance can be boosted if we unplug all monitors?

Don’t know if you know or not, but the monitor was probably locked at 60Hz. Which is widely known to cause issues. What is odd is that I have a new, good computer at home (Win 8.1) with an “ok” monitor that can only hit 60Hz @ 1080 and I have a really nice computer at work (win 7) with a really nice monitor that can easily hit 75Hz. I had a scene that ran perfect at home and once perfect at work. Then one day, BAM! it wouldn’t run without judder at work no matter what I tried.

Strangely, I’ve had the reverse issue with Elite Dangerous. Once ran at home, now I can’t get it to run without judder no matter what. Loaded it up Friday at work just for ***** and giggles and it ran flawlessly without issue.

Everything is so iffy. I really don’t enjoy thinking about building VR for anything outside

This makes sense. My old monitor, and my brand new samsung 27 inch manufactured in late 2014 (also comes with a VGA lead! No DVI or HDMI) I was shocked to find out runs at 60hz max. I remember my "CRT monitor - around 10 years ago which run at 75hz) I guess 60 fps, and 60 hz for HD has dominated.

If this is the case where monitor performance will reflect on VR performance, we need to know and let let others know. On my project, In VR, its laggy, and with a brand new system, and just a basic scene - it should be much better. I am also using a (970 which not many have, and even on this card basic VR is still not very smooth. I am just upgrading to 4.7 to see if that helps, but if monitor refresh rate has an effect, I for one would like to know the facts :slight_smile: