"Module could not be loaded, there may be an operating system error"

When loading my project, I get this error. I have two windows machines, and the same (exact) project loads properly on one and throws an error on the other. I rebuilt the project in a "barebones’ fashion and narrows the problem to a static library issue.

Looking at the log file – this is the error message that is actually logged
Unable to load module ‘C:/Users/Unreal Guest/Desktop/TestZMQ/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor-TestZMQ.dll’ because the file couldn’t be loaded by the OS.

The project builds fine - the issue is how it is integrating “libzmq.dll” - which is a dll that I have built. I have tried rebuilding it on the machine that is throwing the error, but without luck.

I have exactly the same problem, but during cooking.
Did you find the reason ?