Modular wall piece is slightly offset when attempted to attach to a slightly different wall piece

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m experiencing a problem when I attempt to snap a slightly different modular piece to another modular piece in my level, whereas the standard wall piece appears to snap perfectly when connected to it’s twin, the window-wall piece appears slightly offset. I insert the respective pieces in the level onto the same coordinates. Each piece has exactly the same dimensions and center pivot position. I believe this issue derives from when I duplicate the original wall piece in 3ds max and add an edge across a face to sculpt a window, as the Z and Y axis value slightly alter but the actual position of the new piece is retained. Could anyone suggest any solutions? I have attached a screenshot.

I’m sure you already know this, but I just want to make sure you’re using 0,0,0 in max as your pivot point. It ignores the object’s pivot on export. If you’re already well aware of the slightly odd way pivots work when exporting/importing, you could upload your .uassets for us to take a look.

The pivot point is definitely set as 0,0,0. How would I upload the .uassets? :slight_smile: