Modular SciFi Series - Polaris Colony Released!

Hey Oliver, thanks! =)

Finally finished the energy turret. I wasn’t able to create a holographic shield that was up to my standards, so I put that idea on hold for now. A few things I’d like to note:

  • It’s highly customizable materially. Including the ability to create your own camos through masks in UE4.

  • I plan to include the baked maps (AO, Object Space Normals, Normals, Color ID, Curves) so that buyers who have access to programs such as Quixel or Substance can further customize the guns material and diffuse outside of UE4.

  • I plan to include animations, specifically for blendspaces so that it can indeed be used/aimed. Actual firing functionality isn’t currently planned as that’s beyond my skillset, but I want to at least provide those movement animations (up/down, turning, dismounted handle lifting) for those who’d like to do so themselves.

I’m looking forward to tackling the next prop. Check out more screens on ArtStation, and stay tuned for more!

I’m excited to show off some of the early WIP of my first marketplace character. =)

As with the environment art, I aim to stress modularity with my character series both physically and materially. There are plenty more details I’ll be able to share as things go on, but I wanted to finally reveal some of the things that have been going on behind the scenes. Nothing is final, and designs are subject to change (they have a few times actually) but this is the direction I’m going on stylistically. Keep an eye out for more!

More progress on the robot. Multiple things are subject to change, and there are a few different ideas I want to play around with in some areas but this is the general direction. Once I’ve fully blocked it out I’ll be polishing it up with details and will work on the high poly/optimizing the low. =)

Finished the main form for the arms and hands. Moving onto the head then will rework a few pieces and polish. =)

Did a bit of polishing on some of the chest/back pieces today. Wanted to give an idea of how the weapon scales to characters. All that’s left now is the head, and then arm/leg variants.

Finished the head. Was going for a manta ray/hammerhead vibe. Now it’s just a matter of detail polishing (wires, variants, etc.) making the high poly, and then optimizing/uving the low poly. Really looking forward to texturing this. =)

Switching gears back to the Polaris defense pack for a bit before I finish off the character. Here’s an early blockout of the hilt of the stun baton. Still some more silhouette detail I’d like to do, but this is the general direction. The idea is to make it where the shock rod itself extends from the hilt, and retracts when not in use so it can be worn on characters and such. More to come soon! =)

Oooh, Love the turret. I was wondering if you’d offer a baseless version, or something like, you can un-mount it and carry it around. That would be insanely useful and a cool gameplay addition.

As for the robot. I love the overall design. The head is pretty neat, at least very different from the rest. The only issue I seem to have is the torso. It looks a bit too fragile. Maybe you could add something like an optinal chest plate (piece) and maybe some modular armor bits to toughen it up? I don’t want to sound harsh because I mean well and I’m just sharing my views, not saying I dislike it or it’s bad. But to me right now it feels more like a maintenance android (worker droid) going all rambo :stuck_out_tongue: I just think if you’d consider adding armor pieces as an option you’d be further expanding possible uses for it and pretty sure it’d also entice more people to just get it !!!

Other than that everything I’m seeing just looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the end results !!!

P.S. As it is, right now, I would get the droid to replace one I’m using right now. I like the one I have but this one looks very unique !!!

Hey Joure!

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you’re liking the upcoming content. =)

For the turret, that was something I was looking to do initially but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it with this particular design. I do have plans for other turret types though and that’s definitely a feature I’d like to have.

In regards to the robot, the designs above are just the base shapes for the most part. I still have plenty of things to add to it with regards to details and variants. Things like wires, accessories, etc. that will definitely give more size to the silhouette. Interestingly enough I do have plans for a maintenance robot, though it’ll be far skinnier than this one. =P Additional armor plates are also possible with the variants. With the robot series I’m looking to do several variants. Your standard maintenance/service, a security robot (the one here) and more militarized/combat intensive ones that will be even bulkier. I’m also looking into doing larger mechs, and maybe even having them serve as vehicles that players can pilot. I am also planning on making them modular. For example this pack would release with modular arm/leg/chest/head variants. But later when I release a different model of the same type, it could also be swapped with the v1. =)

If you have any other feedback or comments feel free to let me know.

Ooooh, this sounds awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing more. I would love to see a mech in your style. I’ve been wanting to do something with that in a future project so I will surely hold out on that and see what you come up with.Other than that I’m sure as heck excited. Seeing your assets library grow is something that’s been incredibly awesome to experience. I been able to move from trying to find insane ways to use your earlier work due to your unique art style and only having so much to work with where right now I am able to create much more diverse environments, coupled that with a few other packs out there that play nice with yours it’s been a treat to maximize your content.

Just can’t wait to see it expand even more !!!

Yeah, I’ve got a lot of cool things planned and in the works. I can’t wait to share it all. =)

I’m glad to hear that man. That’s exactly what I aimed to do when I first started here. An ever expanding library of highly modular assets that developers could draw from. It’s always cool seeing the interesting ways you mix my assets with other work too haha.

More awesome content is on the way. Stay tuned, and feel free to keep the feedback coming! =)

Finished the blockout of the stun baton. Can’t wait to texture this thing. =)


Stun Baton finally textured. Really happy with how this came out. Check out more screens here! =)

Early WIP of the shield. Still plenty of things to do, but this is the direction I’m headed in. =)


So we are going to have some colonial defenses for our colony? Oh man. I am definitely pumped about this one. This is going to be awesome.

Hey Slavical!

You are correct! I’m still sorting through the best way to implement everything I want to add, but defense is definitely something that would be suitable for colonial life in the unknown. And just to tease, it isn’t going to be confined to this one pack. The next 1-2 that I’m working on right now will focus on security robots and their arsenal with relevant architecture and props. I plan to create larger defense weapons, and am also looking for vehicle based assets as well. And this is just for the ground based aspect of the Polaris Collection, and only with regards to defense. There is SO much I have planned for this collection, it will undoubtedly be the largest I’ve done yet. Stay tuned! =)

Hey Jon,

First off, thank you for answering my email. I’ve been hitting refresh all day at work today waiting for it. The fact that you answered not only the email but also on the forums as well shows your commitment.

Secondly, this is my first time searching through the forums, but I have subscribed and will definitely be keeping tabs on your WIP projects. :slight_smile: I now have to go home and juggle around my layout to make room for future “laser beam” (Dr. Evil voice) weapons haha

Thirdly, I understand the crunch when it comes to fitting in so many other asset ideas. For now, I’m still in the layout stage, so I can patiently wait for you to perfect the assets that I will soon be buying. In the meantime, and perhaps to create a sense of inspiration, I’ll post some pictures of how I am manipulating your packs (mainly the command center, colony, and engineering one) to create a colony. I’ll also circle areas within those pictures to show you the ideas I have (like the helipad, which will be catwalks for now haha, and the security checkpoint I mentioned in my email) in order for you to visually see what I am talking about. If that’s okay by you. Otherwise, I can send them via email.

Anyways, I am really looking forward to more of your work. I remember late 2016 I stumbled upon your hallways pack and instantly fell in love; then you threw my heart into a phone booth of wild emotions with the engineering pack. Even though I didn’t need any more convincing, you went above and beyond when you decided to lovingly bless the marketplace with this colony pack. Like all stuff aside, fantastic work brother.

Hey Slavical!

No problem man, I just realized that was you haha. =)

I’d certainly love to see how you use the packs, I enjoy that especially seeing how people can creatively fit things together in ways I may not have even thought of. Feel free to post them here or send them through the email, either works. =)

And thanks haha! By the way don’t forget the Engineer Collection isn’t over yet, I still have some plans for that including an exteriors pack. And as I mentioned in our email exchange, the Polaris Collection is going to be rather massive, I have plenty of things planned for it. Keep the feedback coming, and thanks again for your support! =)

Here is the shield in game. I think this pretty much does it for weapons in this pack, will move on to the architecture and a few other props next. Check out more screens here! =)