Modular SciFi Series - Polaris Colony Released!

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their ongoing support of these products, and for making this last sale so successful! I’m very grateful to have a fantastic group of customers, and can’t wait to share with you what’s next! =)


I’m excited to announce the release of Engineer Props!

Check out the blog post for more information on the product, when it’s coming to the UE4 marketplace and how to obtain UE4 Launcher access if you purchase on Gumroad now!

Hey everyone,

I’ve had a few emails from people asking if I knew when the UE4 Marketplace version of Engineer Props will be released. All I know is that it’s been accepted and is waiting to receive a release date. The marketplace staff has been very busy lately training new recruits, and it seems to have delayed some things on the product release front. As soon as I have more information I will publicize it. In the mean time, as mentioned in the above post if you don’t want to wait for it and purchase via Gumroad - you can do so and obtain UE4 launcher access upon release on that platform.

Engineer Props is now available on the UE4 Marketplace.

I’ve been wanting to showcase Jon’s work but being a game developer, there’s never enough time. I wanted to demonstrate the quality of SE_JonF’s work and what is possible if you use a bit of imagination and time and effort to tweak content to suit your needs. In this video I am showcasing one of the levels for my game using mostly the assets from the modular command center pack. Obviously a bunch of custom assets have also been used as well as some other assets from Epic just to demonstrate how it can all blend together to create something that feels and looks different.

The frame rate is a bit lacking since it’s captured in-editor and I’ll replace it as soon as I have the new map in the packaged build of the game. I hope you guys like it and I hope it encourages more sales/ :slight_smile:

Also, please so much this. If there’s one thing that’s lacking in the market place it’s a proper pack that covers furniture, console’s and terminals. I hope it’s high in the list it’s something I could need so very badly haha.

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing how you use the content @Joure! As always it’s cool to see how you utilize my assets with others in your environments. =)

I definitely have more on the way, and that is certainly an area I want to cover. If you have anything specific you’d be looking for be sure to let me know and I’ll see about adding it in!

**Here’s a teaser for an upcoming announcement. =) **

Modular Sci Fi Ice lol ?

I mentioned this before, but just looking at your assets makes me want to create a game with it :slight_smile:

PLEASE add methane bubbles, thanks!


More context Study: Arctic seafloor methane releases double previous estimates

Shhhhhh. =P

Thanks unit23! As for the methane bubbles, interesting. I’d have to really look into how to create that effect realistically before committing to it. Could be something I use in the future though. One of the planned exterior packs of mine is slated to be over an ice lake, and it may just fit there. =)

Also consider (to make such a package or to add it into your upcoming) ---- to add pingo landscape features and craters (they exist on thawing tundra and in subsea environments and are connected to methane release)


And discussed here (a side project, eventually want to create a game on it)

I don’t know if I’ll be doing full blown landscapes anytime soon, but I’ll bookmark it for future reference. =)

Improved the ice material, here’s the updated images. =)

Oh I know it’s a modular Sci Fi Igloo System Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I apologize for the late reply, somehow I didn’t see this. And you’re 2/3 on the guesses. =P

Modular SciFi: Command Center & Modular SciFi: Interiors are available at discount as part of the UE4 Summer sale!

Hi Jon.

Was finally able to play around with the engineering pack, still early days here but I wanted to see what I could get out of it.
Really loving it so far, much more modular then I initially thought, gonna be putting it to good use.

Hope you like what I did with it so far.


Ohh yeah, I almost forgot.
This is the almost finished version of the command center turned into a Geen house.

Thanks as always for sharing @Joure! Spotted some Command Center pieces integrated nicely in there as well. =)


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I’m excited to announce the major 2.0 update to the Modular SciFi Series Bundle. Introducing the Season 1 Starter Bundle!

This update adds Modular SciFi: Command Center, Nature Materials: Ice and a newly updated example environment showcasing how to utilize all the products together.

Existing owners of the Collection Bundle will receive the Season 1 Starter Bundle FREE OF CHARGE! To put that into perspective, if you bought the original bundle for $99 on Gumroad, you saved $110 in overall price! New purchasers will save $60 with the new price update.

So what’s included?

  • Modular SciFi: Hallways + expansions
  • Modular SciFi: Interios + expansion
  • Modular SciFi: Props I
  • Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals
  • Modular SciFi: Command Center
  • Nature Materials: Ice
  • Exclusive example environment utilizing all of the above packs

What is season 1?

Season 1 includes all of the scifi products prior to the Engineer themed assets. I’ve also thrown in the upcoming Nature Materials: Ice pack free of charge as well, which on it’s own will be $29.99.

Why do this update?

I started doing content updates to show my appreciation for the support of my customers. This major update to the bundle not only allowed me to do that, it gave me a chance to show my thanks to the customers who supported my products on Gumroad as well.

I bought your products on the UE4 marketplace. Why don’t you do stuff like this there?

If I had my way, I would. Were it up to me, each of my customers would receive a discount for every subsequent purchase they made. For example, bought Hallways? Your next purchase is 10% off. Unfortunately the UE4 marketplace doesn’t have mechanisms in place to allow me to reward customers in the way I’d like to. (And not for lack of requests) Gumroad however does.

Will there be more bundles?

I do not have any plans for future bundles at this time, but anything is possible. For the latest news, exclusive content & discounts, subscribe for free here.

Check out screenshots for the Season 1 Starter Bundle

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