Modular SciFi Series - Polaris Colony Released!

Progress on another wall variant. Still more detail to add. The two window variants will each have unique room designs.





Finished the gated wall, blocked out a significant portion of the wall pieces around the doorway. Almost finished blocking out this hallway, then I can proceed to the intersection area. =)






Blocking out the door. Went through several different designs until I found something I was satisfied with. Going to block out the area surrounding, then I can move to the windowed rooms.

The door design is thinner, but the assets will be made to be interchangeable with the other small door frames in the series. It will also feature a key card scanner.



Wrapping up the doorway blockout. Just have the hallway intersection and windowed rooms left.





Modular SciFi: Hallways](

Modular SciFi: Interiors](

Modular SciFi: Props I](

Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals](
Modular SciFi: Command Center**](

Hey everyone!

I’d like to spotlight some work by a developer who is making awesome use of the Modular SciFi Series. @Joure has been a long time customer, and has constantly impressed not only with how he utilizes the assets in creative ways - but integrates them with assets from other sources. Here’s a beautiful picture from the new mission Echoes for the game STARDROP. He makes excellent use of assets from Hallways, Props I, Command Center and Regenerative Health & Shield Pickups!


The mission is available for free now, check out the trailer!

Check out their Kickstarter Campaign here! They’re already halfway to their goal!

For more information on STARDROP visit the Official Website, and follow Joure on Twitter.

I wanted to sort of polish things up in the main hallway before moving onto the other rooms. I added some details/changes to the doorway area, the gated wall and the ceiling. I also wanted to begin early lighting tests to make sure it worked with what I was aiming for. This is sort of the tone I want to go for with the default example map.






Finished the architecture for the windowed rooms. Just have to make the props to go within, and can finally move onto the last area. =)




All looking really nice man. More pipe like inset bits are definitely welcome.

Merry Christmas!
ps. have a holiday man, it’s Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there Gozu!

Thanks, yeah definitely going to be lots of pipes in this pack. =P

Same to you! I actually took last week off, it was a nice break. Back to work now though, I’m trying to get this out by end of January/Early February. =)

Blocked out the props for this windowed room. Originally I was going to just have two sets of props for each windowed wall, but I think I’m going to go ahead and change up the architecture a bit for the other one.



I’m aiming to make the environments feel more alive going forward. Using things such as movable doors, particle effects, blinking lights, more animated UI and other movable objects - in this case, cooling fans.


Pretty much done with the assets for the main hallway. All that’s left is the intersection, and then I can begin UVing and texturing.



Pretty much wrapped up the block out for the architecture. Aside from a few pieces for polish here and there, this is it. This smaller hallway will be how you can connect multiple bigger hallways using different layouts, and can be designed as an intersection. The floor panels will have glass coverings, which isn’t visible in the WIP shots at the moment. It’ll be a while before I start showing more progress, as I am now entering the delightful UV stage. Hopefully it won’t be that long though. =P The next time you see progress it should be in engine, with materials.





Hey everyone!

If you have a spare minute, I’d really appreciate it if you could vote for Modular SciFi Command Center in the marketplace December community poll. Hopefully for 1st place. =P

Everything is so Shiny!! It needs more blinky things and maybe a talking AI computer like on Star Trek :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Jojo!

I plan to have more blinking lights in this pack for sure. And as far as voice is concerned, it’s definitely something I’ve been seriously looking into doing in the future. =)

Doing something like this only using voice would be awesome, if you could put Siri or Alexa or some kind of human ai interactive whatchamadinger into a game would be amaze balls :smiley:

I don’t know if I could program something like that, but I would be interested in doing a siri/cortana like set of audio responses (common words, phrases, etc.) I’ll let the programmers figure out how to make it come to life. =P

haha im a designer not a programmer, I just know what looks awesome but yea some kind of audio responses would be cool