Modular SciFi Series - Polaris Colony Released!

Looks very detailled, gg :wink:

Thanks! As do I. =)

Hey Olivier, thanks! =)

Greetings everyone!

Here is another preview of the assets that will be available in the upcoming pack. I’m very close to wrapping it all up, more on that soon!



More to share soon!

Greetings everyone!

I’m excited to be able to show off some of the early designs for this. While this is a props pack, I felt it would be a good idea to add some architecture that would be more appropriate for some of the props in the pack. I wanted to provide simpler architecture, something that could accommodate a room full of desks or shelves even more than the existing pieces in the collection all while fitting seamlessly with the established design. This is one of the reasons development on the pack took a little longer than I initially intended. The architecture uses the same “blueprint” (not in unreal terms, but placement) so to speak as the Interiors package. So the floors, walls, etc. are interchangeable with those which is awesome, and in sync with what I’m aiming to achieve with this collection.

I also applied feedback regarding architectural paint and kept it minimal to none, that way custom decals can be used to apply paintings rather than implementing them through the texture. Keep in mind though, the images below are concept and do not contain textures at all. I’ll have more to share very soon, keep your eyes on the thread! =)


Yeah!.. that looks cool, kinda ‘SciFi ArchiVis’ :wink:

Jon, is there scope to have the desk drawer roll out? (Is it static or moveable?)

Great work, as ever. :slight_smile:

Thanks Oliver! =)

Hey Jezcentral, thanks! The drawers are static in so far as not being able to open them in the editor. But it has been modeled to accommodate animation should someone choose to do so after opening the fbx. Does that answer your question?


I love your attention to detail, reminds me of the work that CIG puts into Star Citizen. Are you still planning on doing an outside environment? I’ve been looking forward to them.

Just to confirm, the image in your answer is of a desk with a separate drawer. If this is what you provide, then it can be slid open in the same way a door can open within a door frame in UE. Can this be done with all the drawers? (Sorry, I’m no modeller, so I won’t be cutting up your stuff later :slight_smile: ).

Hey MuchToLearn! Thanks, that’s high praise being compared to that game! I am still planning to do the exterior environment. Right now it’s still in the concept and planning phase. From the looks of it, it’ll probably be the biggest pack in the collection. There’s so many cool things I want to do with it. I’m hoping to begin full production on it sometime this year. =)

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do this. I figured people who wanted to modify it could use their preferential modeling package and adjust the individual drawers. My biggest concern though is for people like you, who don’t model.

This brings me to option 2: I could provide a separate drawer mesh in UE4, along with empty desk variants. The only thing I have to figure out is how to get them to line up properly. I’m assuming this can be done with vertex snapping, in which case this would be the best option. And yes, all of the drawers for the desks and standalone furniture can be opened. =)

To sum it up, the previous images that show drawers are one object. But I will be providing a separate drawer mesh and hollow furniture variants for those who want to have open-able drawers. I hope that answers your question. =)

Progressing. Almost at the finish line. =)


Yes, it does. Very kind of you. :slight_smile:

Happy to assist! Let me know if you have any further questions. =)

You are having way too much over there creating this pack… It’s looking incredible, can’t wait to see it finished

Thanks Ironbelly! I’ve long been an admirer of your work. =)

wow it’s amazing!! great work!

Hey Vegaart, thanks! =)

Greetings everyone!

I’m excited to announce that work on the first props pack is complete! I just need to prep it for submission, which shouldn’t take longer than a day or so. I’ll be writing a detailed post for the pack soon. Until then, here are some more screens!


For those who may want to use the assets for a more modern look:


Here are some examples of how you can design the floors. Whether it’s through your preferential mixture of meshes, or materials - personalize your assets!