Modular SciFi Series - New Products In The Works!

I’m aiming to make the environments feel more alive going forward. Using things such as movable doors, particle effects, blinking lights, more animated UI and other movable objects - in this case, cooling fans.


Pretty much done with the assets for the main hallway. All that’s left is the intersection, and then I can begin UVing and texturing.



Pretty much wrapped up the block out for the architecture. Aside from a few pieces for polish here and there, this is it. This smaller hallway will be how you can connect multiple bigger hallways using different layouts, and can be designed as an intersection. The floor panels will have glass coverings, which isn’t visible in the WIP shots at the moment. It’ll be a while before I start showing more progress, as I am now entering the delightful UV stage. Hopefully it won’t be that long though. =P The next time you see progress it should be in engine, with materials.





Hey everyone!

If you have a spare minute, I’d really appreciate it if you could vote for Modular SciFi Command Center in the marketplace December community poll. Hopefully for 1st place. =P

Everything is so Shiny!! It needs more blinky things and maybe a talking AI computer like on Star Trek :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Jojo!

I plan to have more blinking lights in this pack for sure. And as far as voice is concerned, it’s definitely something I’ve been seriously looking into doing in the future. =)

Doing something like this only using voice would be awesome, if you could put Siri or Alexa or some kind of human ai interactive whatchamadinger into a game would be amaze balls :smiley:

I don’t know if I could program something like that, but I would be interested in doing a siri/cortana like set of audio responses (common words, phrases, etc.) I’ll let the programmers figure out how to make it come to life. =P

haha im a designer not a programmer, I just know what looks awesome but yea some kind of audio responses would be cool

Likewise. =P Rest assured it is something that I have definitely been looking into. =)

Crikey, I’m looking incredibly forward to this.

Thanks Joure!

Hey everyone!

As promised here is the first shot in engine. The color scheme/materials aren’t finalized but I wanted to provide an update after so long. More to come!




Awesome work as always. Still waiting for the first artist who is going to make a modular outside sci fi pack. So you can make buildings/hangers etc etc.


I get asked this a lot, and I know I keep giving the same answer - but it is coming! =)

I have some really cool plans for exterior modular architecture. The biggest impediment to that has been the fact that I work alone. But rest assured your requests have not gone unnoticed. I’ll get there. =)

Alright, so the first set of images a few posts above are using the material setup I just recently created in Command Center. With this pack, I wanted to push the realism a bit more and up the quality of the materials using the Trim technique I began using in the aforementioned pack. Here is a set of photos with the new materials. With this new setup, you can modify the values to achieve the look I posted above, or the look below depending on your preference. Now you have the choice between the typical look the series has had in terms of materials vs something that pushes the realism a little further.

This material setup essentially builds upon the Trim technique’s base texture feature for those who have Command Center.

I’ll talk about it more as I progress, but there are also improvements in the quality and handling of the scratched/dirty vs clean textures. I’m very excited to be able to show that off soon.





Here’s the door. Might change a few details with regards to decals but overall this is the design. Will be talking more about the changes I’m doing with doors/doorways soon, and how I’m making them more customizable than before.




Wrapping up texturing of the door area. I’ll probably add a few decals here and there during the polishing phase.




All I can say is… DAT DOOR.

Man, water mouthing like an idiot here, keep it up. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with the rest. :slight_smile:

Hey Joure!

Thanks, can’t wait to show off more progress. =)