Modular SciFi Series - New Products In The Works!

Main wall piece for variant 1/4 of the wall designs. Placed some mockup assets around to give a better idea of the lighting I’m going for with the windowed portions.


Almost finished with the Wall Variant A assets. Just need to UV/Texture the fans. Last two images are a variation using assets from the first two Engineer themed packs.


Yep looks really cool ^^

Thanks Oliver! =)

Completely finished with Wall Variant A assets. Three more to go. =)

Wall Variant B is 100% complete, all I have left for Variant C is the tanks, and then I can move onto the final Variant D. Once complete, it’s just a matter of polishing the example environments and project assets, then submitting. =) Here are a few screenshots demonstrating the newest additions. I’ve also included a screen that illustrates a different lighting style I want to use for an alternate example environment.

Here are some of the preliminary assets for Wall Variant D.


Wall Variant D is complete. Still have a couple pieces left then I can begin to put the finishing touches on the pack.


I am looking forward to playing with your new set. Here’s a little scene I did recently.

Thanks for sharing BoothDigital! I like the vibe of the scene, especially with the smoke. =)

Looks really awesome. Is that an update for the Engineer stuff you’re working on? Do all current owners get it? Looking into buying at least the first bundle, and maybe the engineer sets as well. Great work, keep it up!

Thanks Mr4Goosey! The Engineer Interiors product is a new pack altogether, not an update of an existing one. It will build upon the assets from the last two engineer themed products. I’m hoping to be able to submit it sometime next week, I’m in the polishing phase at the moment. =)

Cool! Can we expect a bundle for the engineering stuff like you did for season 1? Might wait and get that if you do intend to do that. Really interested either way.

One of my most relevant requests for this is whether you intend to do any kind of exterior. We intend to use the assets for science facilities on a fully explorable tropical island, so we can’t really get away with not having exteriors.

Bundles are definitely something I’m looking into continuing, but nothing to announce on that front at the moment. =)

Exteriors are also planned, specifically for this Engineer Collection. Nothing concrete or set in stone yet, but the plan is to create a massive exterior pack that also provides high quality landscape assets. This is something I want to finally tackle this year.

Thanks for the quick responses! I’ll discuss with my artist whether we want to be waiting for the exteriors before buying the assets. I’m not quite sure, personally. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to the exterior stuff!

Don’t mention it, let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll be happy to assist! =)

Content has been submitted to the UE4 marketplace for approval. =)




I’m pleased to announce that Engineer Interiors and Modular SciFi: Season 2 Starter Bundle have both been released! Trailer will be dropping sometime this week. Thank you all for your ongoing support of my assets. I can’t wait to share what else is in store for 2018! =)

Modular SciFi: Engineer Interiors

Modular SciFi: Season 2 Starter Bundle

Check out more screenshots via ArtStation

A heads up on the video trailer, I wanted to get this out either today or tomorrow but I’ve been running into issues where the editor constantly crashes a little while after the video starts to record. Will continue to try to figure out a way around it.

I’m not your customer. But you create really cool meshes, high end