Modular Pawn in BP?

Hi, Im trying to make a “Armor system” in BP… Where the player can equip like the boots he wants and the chest plate he wants. How can one make this? Sockets will work, but how will the gloves work? Thanks

UT3 accomplished something similar to this by splitting up the mesh. Ideally you would want to make the body, boots, legs, arms, and hands all separate meshes. Then, create sockets for them and connect them all together by making each part a child component of the root component of your character. Hands should be children of the arms, and boots should be child components of the legs. Then, within the event graph, make sure “show inherited variables” is checked, and attach whatever conditions you want to a “set skeletal mesh” node for that part.

What you probably want to do is make use of the ‘SetMasterPoseComponent’ function on the SkeletalMeshComponent. This allows you to have one ‘master’ component that does the actual animation, and multiple ‘slave’ components that get their animation data from the master. Each piece of armor would be its own mesh/component, but they would all animate together.

Yes, I thought it would be something like that. I dont know how to make this though.