Modular pavement problems - another one :(

Hello guys,
first of all , let me introduce myself
my name is Luis Diogo Sousa (LDS) , i am an architect from Portugal, and an enthusiast of 3d rendering and animation. I’ve spent almost all my time as architect working with 3DS and vray, so i have “some” experience in 3d Modeling, texturing and rendering.
The problem comes with the engine itself, like a lot of people i am having serious trouble with ue4 lightmass and modular pavements. Like a lot people, indirect illumination seems to genrate different shading across each of the modules of the paviment, giving rudimentar look. ( see attachment please ) . I have already followed the basic steps but without any sucess : the lightmap of each asset has been uvw unwraped into a second chanel, there is a significant padding to the borders, and i’ve set the the 3ds max grid accordingly to my asset LM resolution ( 512 _ 1/510). I’ve also changed the LM settings to the recommended ones Indirect Lighting Quality =2 , Indirect Lighting Smoothness = 0.6 .
From what i’ve understood people at unreal recommend that continuous sufaces should be all combined into a static mesh in order to provide the best lighting results, but for a project like this where you have big flat sufaces what is the best approach ? Shall i continue with the modular approach with nicer shadows, or change to a single pavement mesh , with higher LM res and lower shadow quality ?
Thank you for your time guys
Best regards
Luis Sousa


For that case, it would be better to make one single mesh for that surface, it doesn’t look like it needs a ton of detail in the lightmap so you should be able to get enough shadow detail from a single mesh for that, plus it will improve performance to be a single mesh.

Otherwise, you can try to lower indirect lighting smoothness and increase indirect lighting quality, the main issue with Lightmass is how it smooths the lighting samples so that you can achieve a clean look with less time but the smoothing is not consistent across meshes.