Modular level design

Working on a level where I’d like to create it using modular walls, ceilings and floors, and possibly multiple stories.

Does anyone have any examples of sample projects showing the modular method? I want to do modular design, but would love to see a small sample project to help get my head around it. Walls are one thing, but what about the floors and ceiling? And as an example are those also part of the wall module so it’s one complete module, or are the floors and ceilings separate?

Also, how do you handle texturing of the modules without seeing lines inbetween modules?

I’m new to architecture design for games if that’s not obvious yet but would really love to do modular design, especially for enclosed levels when using no exterior terrain, etc…

I’ve been a coder for 30+ years, but wanting to start doing more in level design. I plan on starting out small and working my way up to where I can get the hang of this…

Check out the Reflections demo project in the Learn tab.