Modular Fantasy Katana Set - Pre-release Questions

Hi everyone,

I am planning to release a modular (fantasy) katana set that will contain multiple handles, blades, guards, etc. I plan to make it so that you can combine different parts to make your own sword and provide about 4 different materials for each piece to allow further customization.

  • Models: 5 Blades, 5 Guards, 5 Handles, 5 Pommels, 1 Habaki, 5 Sheaths, 5 Sheath Accessories.
  • Each of the different part “skins” will have** 4K** textures generated by substance painter.
  • Each piece will have its own texture sets and materials for each of the 4 skins. There will be a total of 124 texture sets. Each texture set includes base color, metallic, roughness, ambient occlusion and normal map.
  • The design of the swords is inspired by historical katana design but it is more of a fantasy design rather than a historical representation even though I tried to avoid making them to extreme.

You can inspect one example combination in the 2 photos to get a better idea of the design I am going for. The photos are not high quality (print-screen in substance painter).

Feel free to ask any questions and/or make recommendations since its the first time I am planning to put something on the marketplace.