Modular environment workflow

Hello Everyone, I am going to do my M.A game art at university of Hertfordhire soon so i wanted to make a portfolio.

I would like to know what is the workflow for building a modular environment. As far as i know First start of with a basic sketch of an top down map of an environment, Then create the full environment as an blockout and then export them to a desired game engine, test the scale of an environment and from there start adding details to the blockout mesh and once again test them in a game engine and then create the final asset completely without caring about the modularity, After finishing the entire model. Break them in to different unique pieces to make them modular and UV unwrap and texture them, export each pieces as an FBX or Obj and import them inside a game engine and start building them as a block their.

Is this a correct workflow for modular environment? Or am i missing something here, Please do share your workflow here, Thanks :slight_smile:

I would also like to hear a detailed response to this, but while we are waiting, this is a good read.

use uv unwrap only for stuff that REALLY needs unique skins, like characters. in most cases you can use material assigning (in 3d programm as well as in Unreal) then you can re-use the materielas over and over with no extra “cost” filesize and memory-wise and can also afford more high-res texes.