Modifying the distance between the camera's pivot point and its capture point

I’m hoping someone from Epic is going to see this and is willing to help me find a solution.
I’m sure everyone noticed the position from where the camera is capturing the scene is the same as its pivot point. Basically, what I want to do is to distance the camera’s pivot point from its capture point.

That would be useful for physically correct first person character in virtual reality. The pivot point of the head bone of the character (which is usually at the base of the skull) needs to be at the exact same position as the camera’s pivot point. And the camera’s capture point needs to be between the eyes of the character. If I move the character or the camera so that their pivot points align then the rotation of head gets offset and doesn’t synchronize with the camera’s rotation. I use a Transform modify bone node to rotate the character’s head bone using a variable that gets the camera’s rotation.

Please help because this is crucial.